Karen Goyette

Marketing & Communications
Consumer Goods

Karen Goyette Headshot

Marketing professional with unique blend of classical corporate training and fresh, creative flair. Leadership that consistently injects insightful strategy with the unexpected dose of creativity to drive things to the next level. Over 30 years of success tapping into this unusual hybrid skill set to create brands and grow brands. An innovative way of thinking not defined by an industry or product category or constrained by a marketing silo. Think Marketing Without Borders. Think Strategist meets Creative Director.


  • Fresh Thinking
  • Strategic Planning
  • Idea Innovation
  • Creative communication - on page, online, on shelf, on the street.
  • Strength in Food, Pharma, Functional Foods, but also experienced in Financial Services, Hospitality, HBA, Pet, and Healthcare industries

Email: karen@thelilypadgroup.com