What We Do

The Lilypad Group has two focus practice areas: Marketing & Branding and Specialty Sales.

Lilypads form a unique ecosystem. While rooted in the ground, they flower on the surface of the water. If properly managed, they will grow in abundance.

Each brand has a unique ecosystem which requires a solid foundation, like the lilypad, in order to grow and prosper.

The Lilypad Group provides an environment where dynamic businesses can accelerate profitable growth.


  • Conduct company/product assessments.
  • Assist in developing branding and marketing strategy, including brand positioning.
  • Screen companies for readiness to commercialize.
  • Oversee the client’s advertising and promotion efforts, including direct-to-consumer channel marketing and website development.


  • Screen new product ideas for commercialization.
  • Assist in the development of strategic selling plan.
  • Identify and manage client’s sales strategy and execution with focus on specialty retailers, television retailing (QVC, HSN) and direct response companies.
  • Assist in initial customer contacts with follow-up support as needed.
  • Identify necessary financial and operations support if needed.